Dầu bánh răng tổng hợp RENOLIN UNISYN CLP

Dầu bánh răng tổng hợp PAO cao cấp, dầu bánh răng chất lượng cao được sử dụng cho các hộp số công nghiệp thế hệ mới yêu cầu dầu nhớt có tuổi thọ kéo dài hoặc những thiết bị khó tiếp cận

Mô tả

Dầu bánh răng công nghiệp gốc tổng hợp cao cấp RENOLIN UNISYN CLP của hãng dầu nhớt Fuchs là dòng sản phẩm dầu nhớt chất lượng cao có khả năng bảo vệ lâu dài  cho các bánh răng công nghiệp tải nặng mà tại đó yêu cầu dầu nhớt có dải nhiệt độ làm việc cao, thời gian thay dầu kéo dài

Fully-synthetic industrial gear lubricants based on polyalphaolefins


Demulsifying, fully-synthetic industrial gear oils with elevated aging resistance, excellent load-carrying capacity and wear protection. RENOLIN UNISYN CLP oils have good resistance to micropitting. Reliable lubrication of roller bearings is confirmed by the good results of the FE8 testing. The products are preferably used when increased requirements are set for high and low temperature usage limits. In gearboxes and circulating systems with sump temperatures up to 90ºC, longer oil-change intervals in comparison with previous mineral oils are achieved. Miscibility with gearbox oils based on mineral oil is generally given, which means that simplified conversion is possible.


The oils of the RENOLIN UNISYN CLP series are used for all applications in industry where a synthetic oil of the CLP type according to DIN 51517-3 is recommended by the manufacturer. Highly-stressed bearings, joints, pressure screws, spur gears and worm gears can be reliably, safely and economically supplied even at short-term peak temperatures up to 150ºC.


  •  Low foaming
  •  Good air release capacity
  •  Very good aging resistance
  •  Excellent corrosion protection
  •  Excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour
  •  High natural VI (viscosity index)
  •  Multigrade character
  •  Excellent wear protection, high EP performance
  •  Miscible with mineral oil- and ester-based gear oils
  •  Lifetime lubrication possible
  •  For high and low operating temperatures


The products meet and in many cases exceed the requirements according to:

– DIN 51517-3: CLP

– ISO 6743-6 and ISO 12925-1: CKC / CKD / CKE

– AGMA 9005/E02: EP

– AIST 224

– David Brown S1 53.101

– FAG requirements: FAG-FE8-Test: stage 1-4 pass (test report is available for ISO VG 320)

– SKF requirements: pass (100ºC-test) The RENOLIN UNISYN CLP series are approved for example by Siemens-Flender AG, Bocholt